IG-80 series Droid, Ace Gunner


IG-88, also known as the IG-series assassin droid or IG-series combat prototype, was an assassin droid line designed by Holowan Laboratories. The IG-88 line was a derivative of the IG-86 sentinel droids used during the Clone Wars. IG-84 was a short run line that had a flaw of deep personality development and was quickly shut down when the producers found this out. There a very few left in existence.


IG-84 is one of the new recruits for the destroyed rebellion. The battle against the First Order has left it crippled and they need help anywhere they can get it.

IG-84 has been area of assistance has been in tech procurement. There is no more prolific and productive time for technical innovation than war. This war is no different. IG-84 sees the true opportunity for resistance victory in the hands of scientists, engineers, and technicians. Not only can they get the most performance from existing machines and resources, but they can design and develop new ships, weapons, medical techniques, and equipment that can provide the vital edge necessary to survive against the First Orders might. The way IG-84 sees it, stealing the best developments of the First Order is a crucial way to even the odds.

IG-84 has others to thank for his training and his advanced knowledge of the machines that his is such an expert with. He was going to be violently decommissioned by his owner corporation before he was rescued by the Resistance and given purpose.

The assassin droid’s main motivation in working with the resistance is around the concept of freedom. These large galactic governmental organizations repeatedly take advantage of the very people they are created to represent and protect. Always they treat droids as property and and as things to be sacrificed when the need arises. It is quite possible that he would oppose even a return to a galactic republic.

IG-84 has no mentionable connections in the galaxy. His background and relatively new sentience has made him a loner. This new connection to the resistance may be the opportunity to change this.


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